Friday, 12 November 2010


Friday, 12 November 2010

a bit of friday tensnake action never goes astray. ever. ive been listening to his resident advisor mix all day and i have to say that my day has been pretty damned good.
he did this jake island mix half way through last year and it would be a perfect cocktail accompaniment for tonight: a hazy slow burner with a sexy, oh-so sleazy bongo and bass line to match.

Jake Island (feat Joanna Christie) - What If You Wanted More (Tensnake Remix) (alt)

i swear the bassline from this has been sampled from 'my spine is the bassline' by shriekback.. thoughts?
im so stoked with all the attention that he is getting courtesy of 'coma cat'.. he has such a great sound and really deserves all the praise he is receiving.

this number from the legendary westbam is a stone cold classic.. piano house in its purest form.. the kind of song that can be played at virtually any time during a night and still get an amazing response. a great one to have up your sleeve, especially on a friday:

Westbam feat Nena - Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix) (alt)

last but not least is this track by mark henning, which is a little more along the lines of a traditional blouse friday banger/tech house session. you may recognise it from the lee jones watergate from last month. it was really quite a stand out on that with its mean - almost electro - attitude and swagger. the rhythm and breathy stabs really add so much to this track and im sure it would have no trouble in exciting a sweaty dance floor..

Mark Henning - Gibson Said (alt)

grab lee jones' water gate mix here.


Kish said...

ah if there is anything i love more than a cold beverage on a hot day, its piano house!

aunt hazel said...

that 'oldschool, baby' track is amazing

Steve said...

ahh piano house - such a winner. so so good. glad you guys like it!