Thursday, 24 March 2011

back back

Thursday, 24 March 2011

apologies AGAIN for the radio silence on my end.. working 10+ hour days for weeks on end isnt the best when youre also trying to do some blogging.
my days are looking much clearer now thought, so here i am: back again.

large portions of idm and deep electronica have helped me get through the maniacal past few weeks.
starring members of my idm drive were para one and tacteel, who showed up with this mix for kitsune upstarts jupiter.
for a number of reasons, this track wasnt what i expected - chiefly because the last time i heard para one (which was quite a while ago), he was cranking out some serious bangers. here he has turned up with a song that is the very definition of a slow-burner.. one that oozes style, sex and sophistication. it even has a little acid detour. strongly recc'd!

Jupiter - Saké (Para One & Tacteel Remix)

grab jupiter's 'saké' ep here.

pantha du prince is another that has been on high rotation of late. his atmospheric, finely crafted minimal and tech house always hits the spot.
so i was pretty happy to find the black noise remix album 'xi versions of black noise' inside my inbox the other day. im not going to say too much about it before i have had a proper listen, but early indications are that this may be one of the best remix albums in recent memory.
this four tet version stuck with me straight away.. light, ethereal vibe, interesting percussion and good use of the vocals.. so so good!

Pantha Du Prince - Stick To My Side (Four Tet Version)

'xi versions of black noise' will be out in around a month.. pre-order it here.

also just before i finish up.. just in case you are interested.. here is a superb mix that metro area recorded last december. this puppy has done more than a few rotations on my headphones and im sure it can do a similar thing for you too..

Metro Area - DJ Mix December 2010 (mediafire link)


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