Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nightflight to Trinidad

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Photo: © David Tribby

am feeling pretty damned ill today, so ill try to keep this short.. am trying to pep myself up as well, so i'll also try and keep it festive.

sometimes i feel like bottin's style of disco errs a little on the heavy-handed house side of things.. at other times i feel like it is just perfect. after listening to "bottin's coup d'etat" mix of his track "discocracy", my bottin-o-meter is definitely leaning more toward the "just perfect" side.
nothing too subtle or challenging here, just a whole bunch of fun with great driving synths and a "whoa-oa" laden chorus that will get under your skin.

Bottin - Discocracy (Bottin's Coup D'Etat)

this was taken from his "discocracy revisited" ep from march this year.. grab it here.

on a slightly funkier, more organic disco tip is this track "night flight to trinidad" from pat les stache.. love the twisting groove of the bassline and the sprinkling of horns & flutes throughout.

this comes from volume 5 of his cabana disco series which came out in may. you can grab that here. if you like terje, you will love les stache. if you are into this sound, then i would recommend checking out his blog american athlete, which is filled with all types of disco goodies..


Kish said...

Oh how I love Bottin

David Tribby said...

Can you please include photo credit.

©David Tribby


Thank you,
David Tribby Photography

Steve said...

Glad you like it!

Have updated with proper accreditation - thanks so much David.