Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tale Of Us

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

sorry for the lack of posting action on blouse recently.. omar and myself have been busy acquainting ourselves with the best of london's german techno scene - and getting our heads caved in in the process.

my slow recovery has seen me take in plenty of softly spoken chillwave and folk, and it is only now (nearly two weeks later!) that i feel like i can start getting back into the swing of things. so back to regularly scheduled programming soon..

in the meantime, i would like to quickly share this incredibly amazing piece of work from german cum italians tale of us (via the ever impressive visionquest). if there is one track that is helping to nurse me back to my electronica-loving self, this would have to be it. im probably being quite controversial here, but i really can't think of a song from the last couple of years that has been as haunting, laden with emotion - or as thoroughly danceable - as "dark song".

seriously moving stuff.

if this isn't in your life already, you need to remedy that immediately:

Tale Of Us - Dark Song

the ep (of the same name) from which "dark song" was lifted is every bit as impressive as the single. you can - and should - pick it up here.

talk soon

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