Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ghetto Sunrise

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

tuesday night.. chill time in the 'hood.

one thing that i have discovered over the past few weeks is that chill time sure aint chill time without californian armon bazile (aka aybee) and his overwhelmingly smooth, soulful beats. i initially found it hard to pin down his sound, but have since learned to get over it and just love his irresistible blend of soul, house and techno.
this track, "ghetto sunrise" featured prominently on motor city drum ensemble's fantastic resident advisor mix from '08.. soft pads, a gently bubbling bassline and chanting. i can feel my eyes misting over already:

Aybee - Ghetto Sunrise

the good news for everyone is that aybee has been a busy lad of late with a couple of fantastic releases making their way out of the studio. from a fresh stable of amazingly danceable slow jams, "a glance" would have to be my favourite. a track that seriously just gets better and better. a light, ethereal, im'a-sneak-into-yo'-bedroom-at-midnight air matched only by a bombastic bassline that makes a welcome appearance at around the two minute mark. bliss:

Aybee - A Glance

"a glance" was lifted from the eternal radiance ep which he released jointly with atmospheric existence records boss miles sagnia.. grab a copy here. "ghetto sunrise" is a slightly older cut - lifted off future vision's "artifacts from the future ep" from back in '06. you can grab that here.

and finally, to round things off nicely this evening will be this little selection from mike di francesco's one time side project touch sensitive.
this track "body stop" (originally released in '06) got a fair bit of attention after a much deserved future classic re-issue in '09, so chances are that you have come across it already at some point.. but if you havent, make sure you have a listen.
a slightly melancholic, thoroughly engrossing electro-funk number that - for me - perfectly sums up the australian electronic sound from that golden era.. brings to mind vivid images of surry hills and the cross in sydney.. way to make an ex-pat homesick.
cut up vocals, wistful keys and heavy funk on the bass.. great track:

Touch Sensitive - Body Stop

"body stop" featured on future classic's apres compilation from '09. pick that up here.


Tadas said...

i found new band and their are fucking hot!
i love the beats, etc
please upload this on your site.
people gonna like them!

HD Flexo said...

Awesome photo!

Unfurnished Studio for Rent at The Infinity said...

that shot is so freakin awesome..