Saturday 22 October 2011


Saturday 22 October 2011

techno. saturday.

while omar and myself were in london, we were lucky enough to check out berghain's marcel dettman at an ostgut ton night.. much of the evenings proceedings passed in an intoxicated blur, but what i do remember is dettman's cold visage gazing out over the crowd whilst droves of pounding, no nonsense german techno stirred the crowd to frenzy. "planning" (a cut from his "translations" ep from last month) perfectly illustrates what we were faced with that night. fantastic:

Marcel Dettmann - Planning

pick up marcel dettmann's "translation ep" here.

kassem mosse is unfortunately someone that i haven't had a great deal of contact with in the past. after reading several glowing reviews though, i decided to remedy that situation.. it seemed smart to start recent, so the first thing that i checked out was his "enoha ep" (also from september).. although no two tracks on this ep sound the same (diversity being a cornerstone of his style), he handles the range of musical styles brilliantly.. covered here is flitting breakbeat electronica, deep dubstep, and of course pounding techno  - all with a dark, expansive varnish.
my favourite of the bunch though is the title track "enoha".. a slow, sludgy groove that is really brought to life by teasing, energetic percussion and cymbals. keep your ears out for the menacing synth that wanders in around two thirds of the way through:

Kassem Mosse - Enoha

grab kassem mosse's "enoha ep" here.

and finally as a bit of a throwback - here is miss kittin's "requiem for a hit" from way back in '04. tried to play this awesome slice of fun last friday when things were getting a bit rowdy, but found it really hard to track down on youtube. so here it is in all its ass shakin' glory, posted here conveniently for your next moment of need:

Miss Kittin - Requiem For A Hit (Feat L.A. Williams)

have a great weekend!

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