Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mike Parker x Donato Dozzy

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

"When guests are leaving, the mood of being reluctant to say farewell is essential. If this mood is lacking, one will appear bored and the day and evening’s conversation will disappear." -Yamamoto Tsunetomo

I came across this sweet little quote yesterday on a techno blog called mnml ssgs. I found it while trawling around for Peter Van Hoesen mixes. I want to taste him a little before his set at One22 in Sydney later this month.

Also posted on sausages was a Donato Dozzy remix of 'Fwd' by Mike Parker. Not much happens in it. Track progression is limited to "there is buzzing" and "there is no buzzing". Seems like the perfect bubble for an MDMA cave, really. That'd do it.

Now get in there, Tarzan.


Anonymous said...

mnml ssgs is dead - long live mnml ssgs

Faux Effet said...

Fuck that was awesome