Tuesday, 1 December 2009

question time in space

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

how do you feel about the recent influx of dream-pop? do you find it boring? do you think it all sounds the same? is it the new form of emo expressionism? is 'dream-pop' a dumb buzz word? hmmmmm..

it might not come as news for you, but i for one am particularly enjoying it.. the craft, subtlety and talent evident in the raft of dreamy pop groups is music to my ears.
i do sometimes worry when i see other people not getting into it, because i feel like my love for this genre is reflective of my newly acquired 'grandpapa' status, but then i only have to listen to stellar tracks like these two below and my worries disappear.
all of them.

Boat Club - Nowhere

i was initially reluctant to heap praise onto swedish fellows boat club, as their sound is so very similar to that of washed out or countrymen air france, but then i thought "f%*k it". when you do something this well, you absolutely deserve heaps of praise.
the name 'boat club' is entirely perfect for this group as the free-flowing percussion, calypso-esque guitars and breathy vocals appropriately conjure images of yachts and catamarans.. mmm all at sunset with people on them drinking champagne and expensive sounding beers. it is beautiful music that will soothe your ears on hump day.
grab their ep 'caught the breeze' here

Toro Y Moi - Talamak

i have a firm belief that toro y moi are one of the most "different" dream pop bands floating around at the moment. while most of their debut album "causers of this" is harmonious and melodious, it is the abstract, disjointed animal collective-like noise/art-pop sections that really stand out. you can grab this debut album early next year, or pre-order it right here.


HeyJoy said...

Fab. Both of them. Thank you.

Steve said...

no problemos

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but isn't Toro just one guy? Also check out his side project Le sins Very good stuff