Thursday, 16 December 2010

disco whoa

Thursday, 16 December 2010

a bit of radio silence from us recently.. sorry about that! the silly season seems to really be clogging up our schedules.
in any case, there is an absolute truck load of good music doing the rounds at the moment.. a bit of quiet time has helped us to soak it all up.

the disco that ive been hearing around the shops recently has been absolutely impressive. just in time for summer really.
bot'ox's "bearded lady motorcycle show" is an absolute stand out with its grungy, sweaty sound taking its time to blossom into a breezy head-nodder thanks to some lovely, calming synths. great, great track: "highly recommended".

Bot'Ox - Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show (alt)

'bearded lady motorcycle show' is plucked from bot'ox's 'blue steel' release which you can find here. there is also an excellent remix package of 'blue steel' which you should check out. right here.

bottin's latest project involves a swiss vocalist curiously named joy freypong and is called 'tinpong'. i didnt mind the intimate jazz club vibe of the original, but the glamourous strut of pete herbert's dub really caught my ear. love how serious shit gets at the 3:40 mark. stabbing keys ftw.

Bottin Presents Tinpong - New Religion (Pete Herbert Dub) (alt)

grab the full 'new religion' release by tinpong/bottin here.

i always thought that discodeine was limited to his little patch on the blog haus map but recently he has been proving me very wrong indeed. following hot on the heels of their superb take on rebotini's '777' is this slice of heaven called 'synchronize' featuring pulp vocalist jarvis cocker. great disco-pop ditty complete with strings, pianos and emotional vocals.. what more could you ask for?

Discodeine - Synchronize (feat Jarvis Cocker) (alt)

grab the full 'synchonize' release here.

im still trying to make my mind up about black van.. i sometimes think that their beats are a little too simplistic and undeveloped. feels like both oliver kowalski and kris menace have had to dial back their individual flair to get this vehicle moving. still, 'the calling' is a nice little piano house number with a really strong melody and deck-chair vibe. definitely worth a look:

Black Van - The Calling (alt)

'the calling' is off black van's 'moments of excellence' release. you can grab that off the kompakt site here.


LeMass said...

Yup LOVING discodeine, and synchronize is killer.

Deffs check out this clip of it its wicked.

Anonymous said...

Black Van kill!!!