Friday 2 October 2009


Friday 2 October 2009

we've walked this path many times havent we? pre-festival excitement.. hmpf.
ive been quite miffed by the whole 'scene' of late and in my mind, festivals are the embodiment of everything i dislike about it. so apologies if this post isn't glowing with excitement.

despite all that, i dont think that even i could say that the lineup is bad at this years parklife- in fact i think most people would agree that it is superb.
i have reluctantly prepared an itinerary and i guess it goes a li'l something like this:

--arrive 3pm--

see joakim

Joakim - Watermelon Bubblicious

see junior boys

Junior Boys - Work (Prins Thomas Remix)

see aeroplane

Allez Allez - Allez Allez (Aeroplane Remix)

see erol alkan disco 3000

Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)

see erol alkan

ZZT - The Worm (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)

maybe see tiga

Felix Da Housecat - Madame Hollywood (Tiga's Mister Hollywood Version)

hopefully it doesnt rain til much later.. a lay down in the grass would be nice at some point.

im sure you've all made your own itineraries, but in case you havent you can throw one together with the help of the parklife '09 set list.

apologies again for the lack of excitement in this post. i know that everyone else's excitement gauge is in the red, but i just can't get there. i believe that something is wrong with me.

if i was excited for anything at the moment it would have to be the impending fleetwood mac tour - and i'm not even going.

Fleetwood Mac - Isn't It Midnight?

hopefully were not all wrapped up in ponchos on sunday so we can see each other.


Acid Midget said...

I think someone needs one of my patented festival cuddles...

Steve said...

"thank you no"

Rachel said...

you are as grey as the sky

Steve said...


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